Virtual Balloon Race - win £30

We're planning to run a virtual balloon race for a number of different causes throughout the 50th Fleet Lions' Year that starts on 1 July 2023. These are the causes that will benefit:

Prostate Screening - Sept/Oct 23

The 2nd charity we have selected is Our Prostate Screening Programme.

"Fleet Lions have been involved with prostate screening testing for a few years now in two ways. We organise screening sessions where a small sample of blood is taken and sent off for analysis of its PSA content. We can test up to 250 men in a session and as the cost of testing is now £25 sample that's over £6000. We are given donations on the day that helps offset that cost. Our last session was on 28 October. We couldn't organise these sessions during the Covid pandemic so we set up a home testing scheme where you can order a kit and we subsidise the cost. Both of these schemes are carried out through the Graham Fulford Trust and we feel that innumerable lives have been saved when prostate cancer issues have been picked up early. Further info at"

Fleet Phoenix - July/Aug 2023

Lions Prostate Screening - Sept/Oct 23

Lions Community Store - Nov/Dec 23

Phyllis Tuckwell - Jan/Feb 24

Lions Brain Tumour Research - Mar/Apr 24

Hart food Bank - May/Jun 24

Entry fee is £5. Click here to go to the current balloon race if you'd like to take part.

Current race Leaderboard

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