Honouring Lions and Members of the Public

The Melvin Jones Fellowship

Melvin Jones is acknowledged as being the founder of the Lions movement. Occasionally we honour people, both Lions and members of the public, with the award of a fellowship set up in his name. We do this when someone demonstrates the principles of Lions and has served their community in a significant way and for a significant amount of time. It is the highest honour we can bestow on someone. To date the following are the people on whom the Lions Club of Fleet have bestowed that special honour:


Graham Walters, Peter Allen, Fred Massey, Brian Proctor, Graham Cooper, David Mathews.


Diane Rust, Beverley Allardice MBE, Geoff Baker, Colin Gray MBE, Sharyn Wheale, Phill Gower, Dave Hurrell, Steve Lloyd, David Millen, Nigel Pool.