Fleet Lions Honeybees


The Lions kindly agreed to sponsor a honeybee colony a year ago. Unfortunately, the weather worked against us, and the honeybee population suffered as did last years’ honey harvest yield. This meant that we were unable to start a new Fleet Lions colony last season.

The good news is that this spring the elements were in alignment, and (now) President Mark was able to start a new colony. 

Fleet Lions Honeybee Colony: Part 1 - Moving into their new home

In the first video when we transferred the colony into its permanent home but we found that the queen was missing. If we didn’t get a queen in there the colony was doomed. What happened next? Watch and see here.

The intention is that we will video and publish a vlog on the colony’s journey, the trials and tribulations of the bees and the beekeepers. Hopefully, it will be both educational and a bit of fun. 

A few weeks ago, we filmed a visit to the apiary where we moved the small colony into its new home. Part 2 will be published soon the 8th August so please hit the subscribe button to get updates as and when they are published.

You can see all the videos the bees have made HERE!


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