100 Wishes

This year, Lions are celebrating 100 years since Lions Clubs first came into being. As part of this celebration, Fleet Lions Club is seeking to respond to 100 wishes along the lines below which might not otherwise be met without help from the Lions. If you know of anyone Fleet Lions may be able to help in this way, please contact Fleet Lions with details.



or write to : Fleet Lions c/o 2 Threshers Corner, Fleet, GU51 2XA

Throughout the year Fleet Lions receive requests from groups, local organisations and individuals to help them either to achieve a worthwhile project, or assist them in times of hardship or disability.

There are a number of levels in which the Club and members themselves meet these requests. It may be in the form of a cash donation to help a local charity, or service organisation, or with the purchase of some vital equipment. For example, a specialised bed for a Hospice, or tenting kit for a local Scout Group.

At another level it may require a number of Lions Club members helping to move furniture, or decorating the rooms of a disadvantaged local resident, or simply taking an otherwise solitary and infirm person for a drive in the country.


Business Meetings
8pm 2nd Wednesdays
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